Our Partners and Associates

The Production Room, TalicoTech.com, BMS Productions (Germany), Vivid Broadcast (UK), NextGen (I’nal) TVMS (Paris), iSAT (Dubai), ConnectAfrica (UK), DMS (Uganda), HS Media Group (Nigeria)




The Production Room

The Production Room was created in 2013 upon the return of Robert to Europe and provides International Broadcast and Media services for clients worldwide. With Robert’s 35 years in the industry worldwide, The Production Room is able to meet the specific client requirements  based upon on years of international experience and cost-effectiveness.

With a worldwide established network, The Production Room can meet your production or media needs anywhere in the world



The company offers cutting-edge live streaming platforms providing content ranging from sport, archived “as live” content to music. Innovation and affordability are part and parcel of the services package


BMS Productions (Cologne):

The Production Room has developed in conjunction with BMS Productions a number of high-end production solutions for international clients world-wide. The projects range from Athletics, football to a number of international/national Games hosted in a number of countries.


Vivid Broadcast (London):

One of the UK’s leading innovative TV production and broadcast facilities companies, also specialising in Live streaming. One of Europe’s leading TV technology innovators based in Guildford, supplying leading productions both internationally and nationally.



One of Africa’s leading system integrators and production equipment suppliers works closely with The Production Room in establishing strategic locations throughout Africa to provide a solid production hardware and software backbone throughout the region. NextGen’s business footprint is also firmly established in more than 20 African countries, as well as abroad.


TVMS: (Paris – France)

Established more than a decade ago, TVMS specializes in a wide range of sports TV rights, as well as producing content for numerous international organisations. The Production Room has collaborated with TVMS on a number of high-end TV productions during more than +- 15 years


iSAT Africa (Dubai & Kenya)

The Production Room collaborates closely with iSAT Africa, one of Africa’s leading Satellite services companies based in Nairobi and Dubai. iSAT Africa offers a wide variety of tele-communications services throughout the continent.


ConnectAfrica (UK): 

This is a JV created between The Production Room BV. and Jukwa UK Ltd. with the emphasis on bonding technology (LiveU/LTU) IP and content delivery to the rapidly growing African market.


DMS (Uganda):

Founded in 2019, headed by Ugandan Marketing fundi, Dennis Mbedde SSebugwawo, Phil Haggar and myself. DMS, based in Kampala is a Ugandan Media Company specialising in TV, Media as well as providing support services for international companies wishing to launch tele-communications projects in Uganda.  


HS Media Group (Nigeria):

HS Media Group is a Nigerian (Lagos) based Media Group providing a wide variety of Media services to both the Nigerian and West African market ranging from multiple TV studio facilities, post-production edit suites, as well as satellite services.


The Production Room Local Partners & Associations

Our strength has been establishing associations throughout the African continent (as well as globally) to ensure a network of local professionals (in their specific fields) can assist with any specific project locally, regionally or nationally. These partners have collaborated with Robert over the years and formed a solid foundation in providing a highly professional infra-structure throughout the African continent.

Countries covered include Belgium, Netherlands, South Africa, Senegal, Ghana, Namibia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Kenya


What does The Production Room offer?

  •  Consultancy
  •  International broadcasts and Productions, Live Streaming and Media expertise
  •  Affordable budgets
  •  Line and Live TV Production know-how
  •  Technical and creative innovation
  •  Logistical support
  •  Never saying “no”
  •  A network of international partnerships and associations going back decades
  •  Numerous associations providing local, national and regional Technical & Production support