The Production Room, IMC, HS Media Group, ADN

The Production Room (Belgium)

The Production Room was created in 2013 upon the return of Robert  to Europe. 

The Production Room provides International Broadcast and Media services for clients worldwide. With Robert’s 35 years in the industry worldwide, The Production Room is able to meet the specific requirements from clients on the basis of experience and cost-effectiveness.

With a worldwide established network, The Production Room can meet your production or media needs anywhere in the world

IMC (International Media Corporation  (Hong Kong)

The Asian affiliate of The Production Room focusing its production and consultancy activities on the African and Far East markets

AND (African Digital Network) 

This is a consortium including Loft London & Kick-Off TV Productions focusing on IP and content delivery to the rapidly growing African market

HS Media Group

A Nigerian (Lagos) based Media Group providing a wide variety of Media services to both the Nigerian and West African market ranging from TV studios, post-production, satellite services, the establishing of a new Nigerian Sports TV channel to the setting up of a TV college for the Nigerian media market.