Advertising and Commercials


A number of TV commercials were produced, which included two Telkom TV commercials (South African Telephone Company), Cell One mobile network (Namibia) and Air Namibia (Desert Express)

A very successful TVC campaign was our “Jumbo” West African TV commercials, where the TV production was shot on location in Ghana but all equipment (camera, filters, lighting, accessories and core production crew) were brought up from South Africa.

A very affordable (local) quality solution instead of producing outside one’s country.



A successful production output which included cooking programmes (“Golden Cloud Bake Off Competition” and “Pap Idols”), “Eskom Power Play” game show, “WWW” (What Women Want), “Movers and Shakers” (Talk show) and the “Gillette Sports Quiz”



SOS Planet, a WWF sponsored event hosted during the World Summit hosted in Johannesburg.

We produced 8 hrs. of live TV broadcast to over 160 countries worldwide. Artists included Lucky Dube, Femi Kuti and Salif Keta, to name a few….

Fame Factory was a Namibian musical talent show, which remained extremely popular drawing the highest audience ratings.

TV Producer - New African TV production projects 2016


The Production Room is involved in every aspect of the TV production industry in Africa.

From TV feature film production, to TV Production Studio consulting and Broadcasting equipment, we do it all.

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